The best time to eat to lose weight

In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is technology based and scientific, the problems of obesity and being overweight are escalating fast. There has been a general and widespread awareness among the people towards maintaining a healthy body by shredding off the extra fat and trimming down the extra inches on their bodies. Losing weight has become a primary concern for many people, be it the young or the old. Being obese or overweight greatly increases the risk of cardiac problems and high blood pressure. So losing weight has become very important in order to live a long and healthy life.

People today rely a great deal on exercise and yoga for losing weight. Exercise is beneficial, without a doubt. But relying solely on exercise will not give you the desired results. It is important that exercise has to be combined with a healthy and balanced diet. Both go hand in hand. A balanced diet will provide you the necessary nutrients and boost up your metabolism which helps you to lose weight very fast.

But merely eating a balanced diet won’t help. You should know when to have each meal. You should understand the proper time to eat a particular type of food. If each of your meals is properly timed, this will result in an increased metabolism and healthy digestive system, which will boost up the process of weight loss.

Each meal should have a proper time. Meals taken at irregular times will not give you the required beneficiary effects and might also disrupt the normal functioning of your digestive system. Although figuring out the exact timings for your meals is quite hard, proper research by the scientists and dietitians has led to the discovery and realisation of a few facts regarding proper meal times.


Below are a few tips regarding proper meal times which you ought to follow if you are planning to lose weight.




Breakfast being the most important meal of the day should never be missed. It has to be taken at the proper time. It has been found that the best time to have your breakfast is around 7:00 am. Skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism. You will be tremendously hungry by lunch time, making you eat more than what your body needs, thus resulting in a slower metabolism and then resulting in weight gain. You should make sure you eat your morning meal within an hour of waking to kick-start your metabolism. It will help you to lose weight faster.



Lunch is, by common consent, the heaviest meal of the day but dietitians say the opposite. They say it is better to have a heavy breakfast and a lighter lunch later. It’s better to get started on your lunch sooner rather than later. You could have your lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm. It is the convenient time. Lunch should include something light yet filling, so that you can avoid further hunger pangs and thus abstain from eating snacks later on.




And when it comes to dinner, the later you have it, the worse it can be for your diet – the best time for dinner is between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm. You can consume the last part of your daily calories at dinner, with a gap of about two to three hours after your lunch. You should finish your dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed. Eating too close to bedtime can prevent the release of melatonin which can slow down the fat-burning benefits associated with getting a restful night’s sleep. Avoid eating heavy dinner after 8:00 pm. It’s a strict no! Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day as the body cannot digest heavy meals at night. This will result in piling up on extra calories, making you gain weight.

Moreover, it has been noted that instead of eating one or two really heavy meals per day, eating several light and small meals could also benefit the metabolism and stimulate weight loss.


So these are some of the useful tips which you ought to keep in mind if you want to lose weight fast. Healthy eating habits will surely ensure a healthy and fast metabolism, thus boosting up your attempts of losing weight. 

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