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A balanced diet is the diet which gives your body all the necessary and required nutrients to function properly. It includes all the necessary nutrients like carbohydrates, minerals, fats, vitamins, water and also roughage in the correct proportionate manner so that each nutrient contributes its  share towards the proper growth and development of the body. A balanced diet is also very important if you are trying to lose weight or following a workout routine. It is well known that exercise and a balanced diet go hand in hand and will definitely help you to achieve the desired results .In order to maintain a balanced diet you should obtain the required calories for your body mainly from fruits, vegetables, lentils, pulses, legumes, whole grains nuts, etc.


It can be quite challenging to build up a proper and balanced diet chart. Consulting a dietician for this purpose is always recommended. Below we give you 8 full proof tips to build up the perfect balance diet chart for the purpose of losing weight.


    • Find out your correct mealtime and maintain it well

      A typical diet set includes 5 meals per day and each meal has a gap of 3 hours in between. Too much gap in between meals will increase the level of cortisone in the body. Meals taken at proper timings help in fast digestion.  It also improves the metabolism of the body. A fast metabolism does not allow unwanted fat accumulate in the body thus helping in reducing weight.


    • Do some research and make a list of the healthy foods

      Browse Internet or refer to some books and gather some of the basic knowledge required for you to tell if a food is either healthy or unhealthy. Make a list of all the healthy foods. Also note on the nutrients you obtained from each type of foods like proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc. Consuming these foods will definitely improve your health and also take you a step further towards your goal of losing weight.

    • Eat the right carbs

      Carbohydrates form the major energy source for the body and you cannot hope to survive without taking in a proper and fair amount of Carbohydrates which is necessary for obtaining energy from the body. However, you must learn to distinguish between the good and bad carbs. Most of the carbs required by the body are generally contain in pulses cereals in whole grains. These are the good carbs. But the carbohydrates found in packet chips, fried food, junk food etc are harmful for our body and should not be taken. We cannot hope to lose weight if we are addicted to such junk food.


    • Say no to tinned or processed foods and yes to the healthy fruits and vegetables

      However hard they claim but the processed foods will never be equivalent in nutrition and quality to the natural fruits and vegetables. But sadly today the fruits and vegetables have been replaced by process foods and serials which increase the risk of weight gain and also do not provide as many nutrients as the natural fruits and vegetables.


    • Proteins and fibres on your plate

      Proteins and fibres are the best nutrients you can add to your diet for maintaining a healthy body. Substances rich in protein and fibre are very filling and will keep you full for a longer period of time thus curbing out the untimely pangs of hunger and preventing you from eating extra and unhealthy food.


    • Reduce your salt intake

      Too much salt intake will cause the extra water to be stored in your body which will cause bloating. Too much salt also increases the risk of various diseases such as high blood pressure and may also cause diseases like cardiac arrest, kidney failure etc.


    • Be sure to take a ride along the ‘milky way’

      Milk is rich in calcium and calcium forms a very important part of the diet especially for growing children and women. Lack of calcium will lead to various diseases and the poor development of bones and various other parts such as hair nails etc. So consume a fair amount of dairy products and milk to keep a balance between calcium and other nutrients in the body.


    • Old but gold – Drink loads of water

      No diet is complete without sufficient amount of water. Drinking sufficient water will keep you hydrated all day long and prevent any unwanted cravings for food.


So here are 8 tips for you to follow while you plan your balanced diet chart for losing weight.

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