Here are ways to lower your cholesterol level just by eating right!


Cholesterol is a waxy fatty substance that is found in all parts of the body naturally and it’s quite necessary for normal functioning of the body. It plays a vital role in the metabolic processes and regulates the various systems of the body. However, the cholesterol levels of the body should be checked time and again. Because an unwanted increase in the levels of cholesterol can lead to various diseases such as cardiac arrest, blockage of arteries and veins and stroke.

Of course medicines can help you lower your cholesterol levels of the body. But don’t you think it is always better to opt for a natural way of preventing diseases? In fact, meaning of the foods that you consume in your day today life can help you lower your cholesterol level. You might be eating these foods all this while without knowing the important roles these foods are playing in your health.


Below a list of 8 foods that help you to lower your cholesterol levels in your body naturally.




We are already familiar with the anticancerous property possessed by the antioxidants present in tea. Green tea is known to detoxify your body does making you healthier. Black tea is known to lower the lipid count in your blood by almost 10%. Black tea is a great defense against the LDL cholesterols. It helps to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol thereby also lowering the risk of coronary heart diseases.



We are quite familiar with this ingredient from our kitchen cupboard which adds instant taste and flavor to any dish. But apart from adding that special flavor to various dishes, the garlic cloves can also protect against various diseases such as blood pressure and lowers the LDL cholesterol level in body to a great extent.



The green leaves of this popular vegetable contains Lutein, the yellow vegetable found the egg yolks and other dark green leafy vegetables. Lutein already has a reputation of reducing the chance of heart attacks by preventing the closing of heart arteries by reducing the cholesterol levels. Half a cup of spinach a day will help you fight against many of the cardiac diseases caused due to extreme levels of cholesterol in the body.


Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Instead of using refined vegetable oil or mustard oil for cooking switch these oils with a healthier option – the olive oil. Olive oil contains mono saturated fatty acids which help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body there by preventing many diseases such as strokes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Use the better option of olive oil to make salads, marinate your food and also to garnish your food.



Beans are perhaps the best friend of your heart. Research studies have proved adding half a cup of beans to your food lowers the total cholesterol levels, be it good or bad, by 8%. Beans are very healthy because they contain a rich amount of fibre and fibre is always very beneficial for our health. You can add different types of beans to your food like the black beans, the green beans and the pinto beans.



Looking for a food to munch on but which also lower your cholesterol level? Well then, maybe you should get cracking. Cracking some nuts I mean. These tasty snacks lower the levels of LDL cholesterol by almost 93%.So the next time ditch that packet of chips and pick up a packet of nuts instead. But be sure not to over eat these tasty snacks because they also contain a high amount of calories.



The beneficial quality of oats is well known to us. There is hardly any healthier breakfast than oats. Consuming a decent helping of oatmeal for breakfast everyday will cut out the risk of many diseases. Oatmeal lowers the levels of LDL cholesterols. The reason behind this is the presence of beta glucan in oatmeal which absorbs the bad cholesterols.



Yes, you read that right. Chocolates make it to the list of foods that can lower cholesterol levels naturally and effectively. We are quite familiar with the fact that chocolate is an antioxidant that builds up the levels of good cholesterol that is the HDL cholesterol in the body. It is always preferable to consume dark chocolate rather than the milk chocolate as the former one has more antioxidants and that helps in better prevention of clogged arteries and veins which reduces the risk of cardiac diseases.


So do try out these foods right out of your kitchen shelf and you will see your cholesterol levels dropping quite easily.


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