Here’s how you can beautify yourself with just what is in your kitchen


All of us like to look pretty. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on beauty products to enhance our beauty. Moreover, the chemicals in those products do more harm than good. We can just take a visit to the kitchen and use the day-to-day ingredients available there to make ourselves beautiful. Shall we look at 8 such ingredients that we can use as beauty hacks:



Eggs apart from being used in cooking and baking can also be used for beauty care. Applying it on the face helps to keep away wrinkles and keeps your skin from sagging. When egg whites are directly applied to your skin they are more like facials. They can also be used as a mask for skin care. Whipped egg yolk should be applied and rinsed with warm water after half an hour.



The spice acts as a great antiseptic and also does well in fading away discoloration of skin and scarring by acne. It has to be mixed well with lime juice and made into a paste. Take caution to apply it only to the discolored parts of the skin. Wash it off after twenty minutes. The yellowish tint resulting from the paste will normally go away after another washing. This helps to reduce acne on your skin.

Gram Flour


Gram flour

Using gram flour is traditional in beauty care. It is used to clean and keep the skin healthy. When using face packs for removing tan, this can be added for desired results. The gram flour must be mixed with yogurt, lemon juice, milk and turmeric and must be applied on the face. Wash it after some time; it helps in removing tan and brings down your skin color and helps in having healthy skin. It can also be mixed in different combinations to reduce oiliness, pimples and facial hair.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar used for beauty care is best for those with oily skin. Using it as a facial toner will help reduce the pH levels in your skin and get rid of the excess oil. Apply it on the face to reduce redness and acne.


Lemon Juice

Having naturally bleaching properties, it helps to banish acne. It can be applied to your face directly or in face packs and helps to reduce discoloration. To get a glow on your skin mix it with rose water and apply it on the skin. A side effect of this is a little stinging.


Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

This hard and yellowish brown spice, one of India’s healthiest ones is an old spice. It reduces any inflammation or swelling. The seeds must be must be mixed with yogurt to make a paste that can be applied to skin, ridding it of pimples. It can be mixed with water and applied to the affected parts of your skin. Water used for boiling the seeds can be used for cleansing your skin.


Milk and Milk Cream

Milk with its lactic acid works wonders on your skin. It helps people with dry skin to have soft and smooth skin. Apply milk on your face to have supple skin and milk cream on your lips to make them soft. Apart from working as a cure for chapped lips it also helps in cleansing the skin and removing dirt. It can be used as a part of face packs or directly.



As a natural scrub, easily available, it helps to remove dead cells and gives your skin a fresh glow. Mixing oatmeal with milk will give you a paste that has to be applied evenly after washing your face. After allowing it to rest for a quarter of an hour, wash it off in a circular motion. It also acts well with other ingredients like banana.


Do try out these beauty tips and let us know whether they were useful. These skin care tips are sure to bowl you over.

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