Do you know stress is a slow poison?

Did you anytime measure how much stress you have in your life? Did you realize that the way you react to stress can really affect health? You may have to face some mental illness and also your life will become shorter. Not many people are able to understand what actually is Stress and how does it affect you.

Stress means your physical and mental resistance to any circumstance that is totally out of your control.

Symptoms of Stress:

  • You easily get frustrated and irritated.
  • You start losing control of yourself.
  • You feel worthless about yourself.
  • You start avoiding people close to you.
  • Insomnia
  • A Headache
  • Loss of interest in your partner and love life.

This is just a small list of symptoms of stress. There are many more symptoms which may not be easily visible.

How can stress affect your skin terribly?

  • Effects on your hair:

Did you know that Stress can cause graying of hair too fast? Yes, the aging process speeds up when you are having too much stress. There may be many other reasons for gray hair, but stress can definitely affect your hair. Hair loss is another effect of stress on your hair. If the hair loss is due to stress, then the best part of it is, it will not remain for a long time.

  • Effects on your skin:

How would you feel if blemishes appear on your face just before something really important event? If you are under stress, then you will definitely see blemishes on your face and it affects your beauty. Other effects include wrinkles start appearing on the skin, under eye bags, dry skin, flakes on the skin, acne, hives, rashes, fine lines and much more.


How to calm down stress and have healthy skin?

Good sleep of 8 hours:

Whenever you had a long day, then it is important to forget everything else and hit the bed. Get at least 6 hours to 8 hours sleep. You can do any pending work the next day.

Meditation or Yoga:

You can join Yoga classes to get rid of extra stress at your workplace. But this may not be possible for everyone who is really busy with the work schedules. You can go for meditation at home. Start with 10 to minutes every day in the morning and then gradually increase as per your convenience.


There are many people who say that exercise can be a great stress buster, especially for those who have Insomnia due to stress. You will be able to get a good night’s sleep after a few minutes of workout and a hot shower.

Choose right diet:

The food that you like the most is not going to help you with stress. You will have to eat healthy in order to provide the right fuel for the body. Choose fresh fruits, a few nuts, green vegetable and strictly no dairy food.

Spend time with yourself:

You may have deadlines or you may be quite busy, but it is important to take some time for yourself from that busy schedule.

Stress is definitely a weapon of destruction, but make sure to prevent stress and stop it from destroying you.

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