Make Sure you Know these Facts Before Trying out Keto Diet for Weight Loss

You may have found out about how the Keto diet eases up the weight loss journey and ever since, you have been stoked to try it. Right? Well, along with its pros, there are a few aspects to the diet which you must keep in mind. Read on as we reveal some facts about the Keto diet that you should know:


keto dietKeto diet in a nutshell:
Keto diet is a low carbs diet. Its breakdown is 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs. Due to the body being unable to find carbohydrates to produce energy, it releases fat from the cells and turns it into ketones for energy production. The body thus burns unwanted fat instead of carbohydrates. This mechanism aids weight loss.
A quick look at the benefits before going onto its negative aspects:

  1. Reduces acne
  2. Preventing cancer
  3. Improves heart health
  4. Effective for women with PCOS
  5. Most effective for epilepsy and seizure patients


Why is it a Tough One to Follow:


Strict Medical Supervision: A balanced diet wins over all diet programs and hence, ignoring carbohydrates altogether is not the safest option for your body. Also, ketones are acidic in nature. Therefore, it’s advised that one undertakes this diet only if one is willing to undergo regular health and blood checkups to assess the vitality of the body and also to keep the ketone levels under check.


workoutRequires Intense Physical Activity: In this diet, the body consumes 75% fat when the normal fat intake should stick to 10%. It becomes mandatory for one to indulge in intense physical activity to burn the extra fat which the body is consuming.


Keto Flu: One is likely to experience lethargy, mental fog and fatigue during the initial stages of the diet. If you are a student or working professional, keto flu could be irksome. Also, it impacts your workout.


Short Term Results: One cannot expect keto diet to show long-term results. Once one shifts to a normal diet consisting of carbohydrates, the muscles will start focusing on burning carbohydrates instead of the fats that are already in the body. Thus one ends up gaining weight.


high quality foodHigh Quality Foods: An effective keto diet must contain high quality foods which are dense in nutrients. Make sure you include fish, egg yolks, organic grass-fed meat, almonds, seeds, coconut oil, butter, dark leafy vegetables like spinach, full fat dairy items. You must specifically avoid vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, mushroom, onions, tomatoes and eggplants.


Complications: Keto diet often leads to gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and constipation. In such cases, it is advised to consume fiber supplements to regularize bowels.


Requires Time: Keto diet works faster for those who have a lot of weight to lose. However weight loss must take place at a slow and steady pace and it’s only better to not rush though it. Along with keto, get enough sleep, work out regularly and manage stress to effectively lose weight.


As it seems from the above facts, a keto diet must be followed carefully. Since the diet could be a bit harsh on your body, keep in mind the cons of the diet so that you are able to extract the pros of it fully!

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