Skincare in Smog Season: 5 Effective Tips to Protect Your Skin from Air Pollution

As our respiratory system falls prey to the smog season, our skin too fails to steer away from its toxic effects. smog free skinDue to air pollution, pollutants penetrate into our skin leading to complications like dryness, wrinkles, acne and so on. A proper skincare routine thus becomes necessary to keep these problems at bay. Listed below are some effective tips and products which will help you to protect your skin from air pollution:



During the smog season, it is important to ensure that our skin remains clean. Excessive amount of pollutants and dirt clog our pores thus leading to blackheads and pimples. Start off by washing your face with a face wash and then using a moisturizing cleanser. Applying a good toner removes all the dirt stuck in skin. Make sure to scrub your skin every week, since it helps to get rid of dead cells.



After cleansing your face, a good moisturizing routine will restore moisture in your skin.Cleansing Apart from using a conventional moisturizer, you could also go the natural way by massaging your skin with milk and honey. Facial oils like lavender oil and tea tree oil are currently acting as effective substitutes for moisturizers. Also, a golden tip will be to take oil baths to get a soft, supple and glowing skin.



Sunscreens shield the skin from pollutants and UV rays and prevent premature ageing and dark spots. You must prefer a sunscreen with high SPF levels. For better results, first apply a moisturizer and then top it up with the sunscreen. Aloevera gel also acts as an effective skin barrier.

Diet and Exercise

Diet is the internal skincare routine which must be paid attention to. It is advisable to eat food which is rich in Vitamin C, E and Omega3 and Omega6. Incorporate broccoli, spinach, beans, kidney beans, eggs, chicken, meat, strawberries and walnuts into your diet. Also, drink loads of water, since it is essential to stay hydrated for a nourished skin. Regular exercise and yoga, preferably indoors, works wonders!


Homemade hacks

Homemade face masks like turmeric mask and Multani Mitti mask made with rosewater cleanse and freshen up your skin like nothing. Applying these masks twice a week will surely show great results! Detox water is beneficial too. You could brew some with lemon and cucumber or with ginger. Sip these preferably in the morning and within no time, your inner freshness will show on your skin too!

Incorporate these skincare tips into your daily routine during the smog season and get a stunning skin in no time!

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