Stop these 7 Bad Skin Care Habits Right Now!

It’s indeed scary that certain skincare habits we are so used to following may be harmful for our skin. Read on to find seven bad skincare habits which you must stop right now and also, few alternatives to them:


Cleanse Our SkinForgetting to Cleanse Our Skin : Cleansing removes dirt from our skin, unclogs the pores and replenishes the skin with natural oils. Hence it is essential to cleanse our skin regularly.

• Massage your skin with coconut oil for thirty seconds. Remove the oil from your skin by gently patting your skin with a clean towel.

• Make sure you avoid foaming cleansers or products with sodium lauryl sulphate as they strip your skin of essential oils.


Over-exfoliation : Exfoliation does remove the dead cells from our skin but excessive scrubbing deprives the skin of its natural oils. Hence you should scrub your skin only twice a week.Over-exfoliation:



Harmful Makeup Habits : No matter how much the internet sells you the benefits of makeup, you must be cautious.

• Usage of foundations, primers, concealers, blushers and so on must be kept minimal.

• Unclean makeup brushes are a hub for bacteria, yeast and germs. You must clean your brushes or discard them altogether.

• Remember to always clean your makeup before sleep with a cleanser.

• While applying eyeliners or kajals, do not stretch the skin around your eyes as it leads to fine lines and wrinkles.


too much sunStepping Out Too Much/Too Little in Sun : The relationship between sun and our skin is tricky and the key is to balance it out. Sun does prevent acne, fungal infections and repairs skin damage. But too much exposure to sunlight can cause wrinkles, age spots and the UV rays can lead to skin cancer. It’s mandatory to use a sunscreen and cover our face and arms with a cloth while stepping out under sunlight.


Now that you see all your bad habits debunked, incorporate the above skin care tips and save yourself from the horrors of wrong skin care practices.


Using Skin Care Products Containing Alcohol : Almost all skin products have alcohol as their key ingredient, be it moisturizers, make-up wipes, toners or make-up products. But alcohol irritates and dries up our skin.  In such a case, the solution is to go natural! Coconut oil, milk, aloe vera, olive oil and cucumbers effectively cleanse and moisturize your skin. Else, you could use natural skin care products too.


Get Your Hands off Your Skin : Squeezing and picking out on pimples not only leaves marks but also transfers the germs from our hands onto the skin. It is best to resort to medicated products to deal with breakouts.


healthy foodFood and Lifestyle Choices : If you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle , half of your work is done!

• You must limit the consumption of high glycemic foods like white bread, sugary foods, chocolates and dairy products as they accelerate ageing of skin.

• Get into some serious workout!

• Get at least eight hours of sleep everyday and avoid smoking and drinking.

• Eight glasses of water per day is a must!


Now that you see all your bad habits debunked, incorporate the above skin care tips and save yourself from the horrors of wrong skin care practices.

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